Our Education system is crumbling. Less students equals less funding. The GECDSB is in the Red. Considering this, why is so much money being invested in the new Sex Education? Did you know that your child can change their gender identity at school without your knowledge? The teachers will keep this secret, and ask that other students keep the secret as well.

The following videos are of questions that were asked of School Board Trustees during an all Candidates meeting. There was a policy committee that did not include parent involvement. Please watch these videos to hear their justification of keeping secrets.

Bill 98, Better Schools and Student Outcomes Act, 2023. If you have not read it, as a parent you should. We have included the PDF . We are asking for parents and students over the age of 18 to print and have the form below signed. Please contact us for mailing address. Click on print. This petition must only have 5 signatures per page and hand signed.

Please read this important article regarding Bill 98

petition for approval of bill 98