By now most parents have received the GECDSB and WECDSB school survey. It is being described as a census/survey which in our lifetime we have never had to fill out. Mainly because of the change in the sex education curriculum

Parents are enraged with the school census because first of all this school survey is only being sent to students in Ontario. We asked several parents about the survey and the majority said they would not fill them out and that they were shocked that a school would even ask the questions to students as young as JK.

Various questions like:

Ethnic Origin
4. Does your child consider themselves to be Canadian? (You do not have to be born
in Canada to think of yourself as Canadian)

The Gender Identity section for 2023 is:

8. What is your child’s gender identity? Select all that apply.

 Boy/man

 Cisgender (refers to a person whose gender identity aligns with their sex
assigned at birth)

 Gender fluid (of, relating to, or being a person whose gender identity or
expression changes or shifts along the gender spectrum)

 Genderqueer
 Gender nonconforming (not being in line with the cultural associations made in
a given society about a person’s sex assigned at birth)

 Girl/woman
 Indigiqueer (this is another term used by some LGBTQ+ Indigenous people who
do not self-identify as Two-Spirit, or by those who identify with both)

 Non-binary (refers to a person whose gender identity does not align with the
binary concept of gender such as man (boy) or woman (girl))

 Questioning (refers to a person who is unsure about their own gender identity)

 Trans (refers to a person whose gender identity differs from the one associated
with their sex assigned at birth)

 Two-spirit (an Indigenous person whose gender identity or spiritual identity
includes masculine and feminine or non-binary spirits)

 Not sure

 I do not understand this question

 I prefer not to answer

 Gender terms not listed above (please specify): _____

Not only has this census/survey been sent out, the Books that support these gender identities have been ordered and circulated in schools from JK up to Grade 12. Many parents have found them to be too graphic and almost pornographic in nature. The books presently in our libraries have been discussed at several board meetings, but Trustees say they do not have a say in what books are chosen. Please watch the videos of the GECDSB for the trustees reactions.