We hope you will come to the last GECDSB meeting for this school term. We are meeting at 6:00 PM outside before the meeting is held. You are welcome to stay and watch the meeting if you wish, to see what happens at school board meetings.

**** UPDATE *****


It was expected that there would be a counter protest organized. We hope this will give us an opportunity to talk to people face to face. This is not an anti rally as many people are assuming. It is parents, grandparents, and students who are concerned about their kids education

AM800 CKLW update


A person who was interviewed for the article has asked to be anonymous which we respect, but we hope that anyone in the community of the counter protest will approach some of the parents who have spoken at school board meetings to clarify any misinformation.

Parents are meeting outside to talk with other parents about the policy of keeping secrets from parents. We welcome all Faiths to join us. This is a peaceful protest and welcome discussions.