Gender Identity Petition

Our schools have made it possible for our children to make decisions about gender identity and expression without parental knowledge. For example, If a child decides (as a) biological female that they wish to “identify” as a male, or any other gender identity, parents will not be told. They can also demand that the school refer to them as their new identity name. (example) If their original name was Karen and they choose KT, then all teachers must respect their new name and identity.

I am she/her. He/Him/They/them

If you feel as a parent that it is wrong for the school to do this, you should sign this petition and contact us for further instructions on how to get your voice heard. The Legislative Assembly of Ontario will only accept a handwritten signature. Electronic petitions are NOT accepted.


**** To print this petition, on the form below look at the top where it says automatic zoom then to the far right hand side with the two arrows >>. Click on these and you will see a menu to print.