The following document has 21 pages, it comes from the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board. My question is why does every board have different procedures?

Gender identity and Gender expression procedures for students

See section iv) in the instance of a girls washroom (now called gendered bathroom) if a girl is uncomfortable with a gender in their washroom THEY can use a single occupant student washroom. Not the other gender student.

GENDER IS AN INVISBILE IDENTITY….and the facility they use can change.

We support our children in their choices, but also their right to access to Mental Health counsellors. If a school keeps crucial information a secret from a parent, would they also be responsible for their mental health care too? It says that a doctor needs to refer a child to a Gender Identity Clinic. Who would know their patient better ? A family doctor or a gender identity clinic?

It has been a tough three years for our kids. They have struggled with Math, English, Science and French. Many are going through puberty which can be very confusing. But now they are being inundated with information on Gender. It is overwhelming for both parents and kids. Until recently most parents had not really seen the new procedures that have been implemented.

These are the questions parents are asking? Who can answer them?

Why did female bathrooms become gender neutral?

What happened to the extra bathroom they have in schools?

Why don’t all students lives matter?