To find the largest database in Canada, please visit the website that was built by Pierre Barns Exposing Sogi

If your child/children go to a GECDSB school you can search for books by first going to this website

Click on Destiny Library catalogue button

Click on the school you would like to search: example Belle River

At the very top of the page you will see catalogue

I typed in “Gender identity” then enter on your keyboard, or you can search for a particular book title. All books are listed under Fiction (not sex education)

I used location: Belle River, you will see 16 book results. But if you use the drop down button and choose. GECDSB it will show every school. You can click on these books to read what they are about. They have interest level from K-3 up to young adult.

To see what schools have the books, read the circled area and click on see all:

The searches will tell you how many books they have at that school.

Unless you know the book titles of books that are being questioned it would be difficult to find all of them. Another example of a book Its perfectly normal can be seen on this website which has visuals of girls with girls, guys with guys and masturbation

There is a link to all books that parents have complained about which are available to older students:

The List , click on the images to read what the books are about