drag queen story time

What school do your children go to? Are you aware that they will have Drag Queens coming to the school to read to your children?

If they are in elementary school or secondary school please contact your school directly through the links provided. Example below of view website and then contact the principal. You should also contact your local school board trustee who is listed at the end.

Today is a PA day for teachers in this school district. We have just been informed that they have facilitated a workshop on Friday April 28th, 2023 which is optional for teachers. Parents should know what their children are going to be exposed to in school. Does this bother you? That a man dressed in women’s clothing with full make up is coming to your child’s school. Will they let children opt out with parental consent? Why do they feel the need to expose children to Drag Queens at a very young impressionable age? How is this educational or anything to do with our educational system.

Do you attend School Board meetings? If not, you should contact your local School Board Trustee that you voted in.

School Board Trustees for LKDSB

If you want more information or the list of people you should contact, please contact us below