If you want to do anything today, you need to watch Jordan Peterson’s video below. It all starts to make sense, and who better to explain it than a psychologist

Over 1,000 lawsuits have been filed as a result of kids who were encouraged to take puberty blockers and or surgery. A well known clinic (Tavistock) was closed down in the UK .

gender studies around the world

Not enough studies are readily available, but it appears to be clear that doctors are encouraging puberty blockers as they “feel” it will lessen distress??According to an article on the National Post:

Meanwhile, Swedish authorities decided last year to bar use of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones on most minors, arguing there was insufficient evidence to back up the treatment. Finland took similar steps earlier, saying psychotherapy should be pursued before prescribing those drugs to children.

In comparison to Sweden’s decision, for instance, the Gender Pathways Service at London Health Sciences Centre in Ontario says family doctors referring patients should consider starting them on puberty blockers even before their first appointment at the clinic, according to documents obtained by the Canadian Gender Report advocacy group. A form letter to physicians notes that wait times are long and the drugs may lessen distress in the meantime.

A Canadian pediatrician said: “I do have the same concerns the Tavistock clinic faced,” said Bonifacio, a pediatrician whose practice at Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital focuses on gender identity.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System, ∼1.8% of adolescents in the United States identify as transgender.1 These youth suffer mental health disparities that include higher rates of internalizing psychopathology (ie, anxiety and depression) and suicidality, theorized to be due to a combination of dysphoria toward their bodies and minority stress.

side effects of puberty blockers you should know about

Puberty blockers, also known as hormone suppressors, are medications used to temporarily halt or delay the onset of puberty. While they can be beneficial for individuals experiencing gender dysphoria, it is important to understand their potential side effects.

What Are the Side Effects of Puberty Blockers?

  • Lower bone density. …
  • Delayed growth plate closure, leading to slightly taller adult height.
  • Less development of genital tissue, which may limit options for gender affirming surgery (bottom surgery) later in life.

Does hormone therapy cause infertility?

Feminizing hormone therapy might limit your fertility. If possible, it’s best to make decisions about fertility before starting treatment. The risk of permanent infertility increases with long-term use of hormones. That is particularly true for those who start hormone therapy before puberty begins.Feb 21, 2023

How can you make this kind of life altering decision? Experts have called it chemical castration. As many of those seeking hormones and or surgery, they have not even gone through puberty, had sex or thought of how it would effect them being parents later on in life and if they will be able to

Some common side effects of puberty blockers may include hot flashes, mood swings, changes in appetite, and potential bone density reduction. Long-term effects and potential risks are still being studied, and it is crucial for individuals considering these treatments to consult with qualified healthcare professionals to weigh the benefits and risks based on their unique circumstances. The decision to pursue puberty blockers should always be made on an individual basis, with thorough consideration of the available medical information and guidance from experienced medical professionals.

Jordan Peterson is a very well respected Canadian psychologist with many years of experience. This is the most POWERFUL video I have ever seen. It explains so much. He leaves Joe Rogan Speechless. Check out at 1:48, this is where he talks about gender non conforming kids, feminine boy or masculine type girl. He agrees this is a reality and it explains a lot about these types of kids and what happens to them going through puberty and body dysmorphia because they are different.

He said the requests for puberty blockers and surgery has increased considerably. From the clinic perspective and the actual industry it is shocking to see how much money is being made. Not only from puberty blockers and surgery, but the extra surgeries after infections. Multi million dollar industry for surgery.

LOS ANGELES, June 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Global Sex Reassignment Surgery Market Size accounted for USD 519.8 Million in 2022 and is estimated to achieve a market size of USD 3,171.3 Million by 2032 growing at a CAGR of 20.4% from 2023 to 2032.

parental trauma

Thousands of Youtube videos and Tik Tok accounts share the trauma that parents go through. And on the other side of the coin there are the de transitioners with a life time of regret who stopped hormones so they can try to get back to the sex they were born into. They mention Rapid Onset Body Dysphoria, and explaining LGBTQ, the Q stands for questioning in these videos.


Not everyone has regrets, but Chloe was very young when her journey started. It was only after her double mastectomy, she realized all the things she would never experience such as breast feeding and having a child. She suffers from anxiety and wishes you could go back in time.


Chloe Cole, 18 explains her detransitioning journey.

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