The 1 Million March for Children was the LARGEST peaceful protest held in Windsor. The main stream media is reporting just a few hundred people attended, but the reality is there were at least 3,000 with no reports of injuries or attacks from either side.

Stay tuned for videos from the 21st event with speakers who travelled far and wide to educated local parents, and grandparents on what is happening in our school system.

September 20th, 2023

1 Million March 4 Children1 Million March 4 Children is a peaceful assembly. A walk out is being planned for all school boards. Come and meet other concerned parents and Learn more about what is happening in your school district. If you do not wish to attend in person we recommend a great day at home with your children.
9:00 am.Dieppe Gardens
Windsor, Ontario

A coalition of parent groups including Parents for Parents Rights will be uniting as advocates and concerned citizens in an ALL School Walk out.  The purpose of the event is to inform the Government, the Minister of Education ~ Stephen Lecce, and Doug Ford that parents will not tolerate secrets, or the present information being taught to students from pre school to public school. Parents will be keeping their children out of Public and Catholic schools and attending local events or keeping their kids home on this day.  More parents need to be aware of what their children are being taught in school. Our teachers are quitting their jobs and some are being fired for not supporting the ideology. Read more information regarding Stephen Lecce and what Doug Ford said in 2018. Parents were not consulted. Then one year later Doug Ford flip flopped **please read.

Our Education system is broken. Our schools are keeping secrets and not protecting our children from very graphic material in books. If you want examples of books you can go to a website which has the largest database in Canada that we are aware of. Before you click the link, please note that some of the material is shocking to many parents but it is the ONLY way to understand how graphic the material is and the age appropriateness.

To check what books are at your children’s school, this link is for the GECDSB (Greater Essex County District School Board)

If you are a concerned parent who wants to be a part of Parents’ for Parents rights, or have questions, please contact us


Meet Canadian Experts on Gender, Books in our schools and personal stories
6:00Eastern Flavours
4072 Walker Road
Windsor, Ontario

Thursday September 21st, we are holding an information session with special guests who will speak on the subject of Gender, the inappropriate books in our schools, as well as speakers sharing their real life experiences. We have the great pleasure to have Scott Newgent as one of our guests. The “Accidental star of “What is a woman” documentary with Matt Walsh

**** Please note, there are only 100 seats available and tickets MUST be purchased in advance. No ticket sales at the door. The ticket includes a buffet and soft drinks. *****

If you can not make this event, please watch these videos. He shocks media into silence. This is the truth that the media is not telling parents before they transition their children

This video is raw and emotional. Matt Walsh sat down with Scott. We only hope that parents consider watching his story before they pursue life altering hormones and surgery